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TASCAM TH-02 Headphone Giveaway!


TASCAM Facebook Photo Contest

with TH-02 Prize 

TASCAM is offering you the chance to win a free pair of TH-02 Headphones! Follow the guidelines below and click the link above to apply. A single photograph gives you the ooportunity to win! 

Submit a photo of YOU where you “LOVE” listening to music with headphones 

  • Studio
  • Stage/Booth
  • Practice Space
  • Commuting (train, bus, bike)
  • School/Study
  • Work
  • Home
  • Outdoors
  • Work Out Space – gym, court, field 

 14 Winners will be chosen by TASCAM based on our judgement of: 

  • “In Need of TH-02 Headphones the Most” Photo – 5 winners
  • “Most Artistic” Photo – 3 winners
  • “Most Unique Style” Photo – 3 winners
  • “Funniest” Photo  - 3 winners

Be Creative, Artistic, Fun and Unique!

Feel Free to Add Filters or Effects to your photo. 

Good luck!