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TASCAM Announces iM2X




Rotatable X-Y Pattern Cardiod Mics for

iPod, iPhone and iPad

MONTEBELLO, CA (Sep 4, 2012) – TASCAM is the Pro Audio Division of TEAC America. 

With the release of the iM2X, iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad stereo microphone, TASCAM has once again introduced another must-have essential to your iOS accessory collection. Spinning off the popular January 2012 release of the iM2 stereo AB microphone, TASCAM features an XY mic placement in the iM2X model. The XY configuration accommodates situations that call for focused recording and tight stereo imaging like acoustic performance and interview/voice recording. iM2X is ideal for song writing, broadcast, podcast, recording video and on-the-spot audio recording situations.

Keeping similarity with iM2, iM2X features 180˚ mic capsule rotation, quality mic pres and exceptional A/D conversion. TASCAM’s ease of use approach is found in the simple layout of functions on the device itself. On the right a rotary level input control, on the left, limiter switch and mini-USB port to allow charging of your iOS device while the iM2X is in use. The front features a multicolor LED that indicates microphone recognition and input level overload. Replacing the built-in microphone and converters with iM2X guarantees excellent audio quality in any situation.

When iM2X is paired with TASCAM’s PCM Recorder app (a free download from the App store) an iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad turns into the ultimate portable stereo recorder. PCM Recorder features 44.1 16-bit WAV recording, 2-band EQ, low-cut filter, L/R swap, and instant SoundCloud upload. In addition, the iM2X will also operate with any other audio or video application that accepts incoming audio from the built-in mic.


Key iM2X features include:


  • Supports the iPod Touch 4G, iPhone 4/4S, and iPad
  • Stereo microphone with plug in dock connector
  • Records CD quality (44.1kHz/16-bit)
  • 2-track recording application by TASCAM, available for free on the Apple app Store
  • Mini USB connector for recharging one’s iOS devices
  • Input limiter
  • Input level rotary volume control
  • Input meter
  • Power supply via dock connector, no battery is required
  • MFI (Made For iPhone) certified




TASCAM is the pro-audio and home recording division of TEAC Corporation. TASCAM will continue to be instrumental in revolutionizing professional and home recording by offering the highest quality products at the best value to their customers.