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TASCAM Announces iXJ2




Mic/Line Pre-Amplifier for Dock Connection with

iPod, iPhone and iPad


MONTEBELLO, CA (Sep 4, 2012) – TASCAM is the Pro Audio Division of TEAC America. 

The TASCAM iXJ2 Mic/Line Preamp for iPod, iPhone and iPad is designed to increase the recording capabilities of one’s iOS device while maintaining the extreme portability of the package. Featuring top-of-the-line A/D Converters and Amplifier for crystal clear sound conversion along with a wealth of ease-of-use features, the iXJ2 is perfect for any song writing, broadcast, podcast, on-the-spot reporting or interview scenario.

 On the iXJ2 itself one will find a variety of features to aid in gathering the best sound possible. To guarantee correct levels, independent rotary control volume, 2-color clip meters for each input and a limiter. To increase usability, TASCAM included individual plug-in power for each input and the ability to select between Mono and Stereo.

            When used with TASCAM’s PCM Recorder app, available for free in the iTunes App Store, the recording possibilities are practically endless. Record files and share them with your cloud right away, utilize the EQ and record settings to get professional recordings without the hassle from crowds of other equipment. TASCAM’s iXJ2 is another small and portable device with big possibilities for its user.

Key iXJ2 features include:

  • Supports the iPhone4/4S, iPad, and iPod Touch 4G

  • Records CD-quality audio (44.1kHz/16-bit)

  • Two stereo input jacks (A and B)

  • Each input jack can accept an unbalanced monaural input or unbalanced stereo input.

  • Input select switch

         A                      : Use only input A jack (mono/stereo mic)

         B                      : Use only input B jack (mono/stereo mic)

         STEREO           : Use both input A and B jacks (mono mics)

  • Switchable Plug-in Power for A and B mic inputs

  • Selectable Mono summing for news gathering

  • Limiter selectable to either mono or stereo operation

  • Power supplied via the dock connector – no battery required

  • USB connector for recharging your iOS device

  • Individual 2-color input/clip meters

  • Apple-certified “Made for iPhone” (MFI)