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TASCAM Announces DP-32




32-Channel Portastudio


MONTEBELLO, CA (Sep 4, 2012) – TASCAM is the Pro Audio Division of TEAC America. 

The TASCAM DP-32 Portastudio is the best and most affordable way to remove the mind-numbing glow of the computer screen from personal recording. It’s safe to say, that after decades of manufacturing and transforming Portastudios, TASCAM has revolutionized the series once again. Employing 8 combo ¼”- XLR inputs with +48V phantom power, 32 tracks (8 mono, 12 stereo) the ability to select between stereo and mono and an affluence of other key features, TASCAM’s DP-32 is the obvious choice for multi-channel home recording.  

TASCAM has made it easy to for users to record what they want, how they want with the DP-32. Easily assign tracks and utilize dozens of built in effects from TASCAM’s dedicated fat-channel and color LCD screen. With high-quality compressors, limiters, reverb, chorus, amp models and other effects it’s easy for users to get the exact sound they crave. TASCAM has eliminated the need for a computer by recording to SD card and including features like MIDI, stereo out, metronome, tuner and CD-burner. For those users that like to keep their options open, the DP-32 also allows its users to bounce their tracks to and from computer easily through mini USB.

The DP-32 has an incredibly rugged casing, already proven on the DP-24, that truly solidifies it as a portable recorder. The DP-32 is the perfect choice for those users that have fallen in love with previous models like the 2488NEO or DP-24 but need more tracks and/or require more stereo recording options. The DP-32 is a prime example of why TASCAM is the leader in home recording.


Key DP-32 features include:

  • Simultaneous 32 track playback
  • 8x monaural tracks + 12x stereo tracks
  • Stereo tracks can be used as monaural tracks. (selectable)
  • Integrated 40-input mixer to mixdown the 32 playback tracks with the eight inputs and for bouncing.
  • Simultaneous 8 track recording
  • Sample rate : 44.1kHz, 48kHz
  • Bit depth : 16bit, 24bit
  • 8 x combo jacks for mic(XLR jack) and line(1/4" TRS jack) inputs for input A-H
  • High quality mic pres with phantom power (switchable every four inputs)
  • Guitar (Hi-Z) input selectable on input H
  • Unbalanced stereo outputs (2x RCA jack)
  • Balanced stereo monitor outputs (2x 1/4" TRS jack)
  • Two unbalanced effect sends (2x 1/4" TS jack)
  • Stereo headphone outputs (1/4" TRS jack)
  • MIDI input and output for MMC, Control change and MTC output
  • Remote input (2.5mm mini TRS jack) to connect a RC-3F.
  • CD-RW drive to burn stereo master file/recorded tracks and also to import CD-DA
  • Input effects (Limiter, Compressor, Noise suppressor, Exciter)
  • Guitar effects (Amplifier simulator, Reverb, Compressor, Chorus, Flanger, Phase shifter..)
  • Mixdown effects (Reverb, Delay, Stereo chorus)
  • Mastering effect  (Single/Multi-band stereo compressor, EQ, Noise shaping…)
  • Bounce functionality to mix input signals and playback tracks, and record the mixed signal(s) to track(s)
  • Virtual tracks capability
  • Mark function
  • File transfer capability as USB mass storage device of a computer
  • Chromatic Tuner
  • Metronome
  • AC adaptor included (TASCAM PS-1225L)



TASCAM is the pro-audio and home recording division of TEAC Corporation. TASCAM will continue to be instrumental in revolutionizing professional and home recording by offering the highest quality products at the best value to their customers.