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New Transfer Service and Repair Available for DTRS and DAT Recorders 

Montebello, CA – (July 19, 2012): TASCAM has announced a new transfer service allowing musicians to have their DTRS and DAT master tapes transferred to hard disk for remastering, remixing and archival. Thousands of producers and musicians recorded to the digital Hi-8 DTRS format found on TASCAM’s DA-88, DA-38 and DA-98HR multi-tracks, and even more have mixes on aging stereo DAT tapes. Masters sent to TASCAM are carefully loaded into well-maintained machines by TASCAM personnel for digital transfer to Broadcast WAV files, compatible with Pro Tools, Logic Pro, Cubase, Live or any other DAW software. Files can be loaded onto the owner’s hard drive or delivered on DVD media.

TASCAM Factory Service still repairs its DTRS and DAT machines. DTRS machines made by Sony can also be repaired by TASCAM, as Sony has discontinued service on this item. Factory technicians can even refurbish TEAC and TASCAM reel-to-reel decks with original parts, both stereo and multi-track models. Only TASCAM Factory Service has the decades of experience in making these recorders work their best.

For more information on the TASCAM DTRS and DAT transfer service, please visit http://tascam.com/support/dtrs_transfer/ or call 323-726-0303 ext 617.