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TASCAM PCM Recorder App Update


TASCAM Announces PCM Recorder App

Update to Ver.1.0.2

MONTEBELLO, CA (July 1th, 2012) – TASCAM is the Pro Audio Division of TEAC America. 

PCMRecorder is a Recording/Playback app for iOS devices designed for TASCAM’s very popular iOS accessories iM2, iU2 and iXZ. TASCAM is constantly striving to improve our products’ recording capabilities and so the following updates have been made:

  • The PCMRecorder will now continually record without interruption if the device is locked/put to sleep, manually, accidentally or automatically.
  • In order to prevent loss of recorded data and preserve the battery life of one’s device, the PCMRecorder will stop recording when the device’s battery life diminishes to a 15% charge. If a recording is started after the 15% battery life is reached, a warning message appears on screen.



TASCAM is the pro-audio and home recording division of TEAC Corporation. TASCAM will continue to be instrumental in revolutionizing professional and home recording by offering the highest quality products at the best value to their customers.