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On the Road with PowerHit Radio: The TASCAM Sonicview 16 in a Mobile Broadcast Studio

Nice working environment: PowerHit Radio uses the TASCAM Sonicview 16 for live streaming from the Vilnius TV tower.Nice working environment: PowerHit Radio uses the TASCAM Sonicview 16 for live streaming from the Vilnius TV tower.


In 2023, PowerHit Radio, a well-known online radio station in the Baltics, embarked on an ambitious project to bring their show closer to their audience by touring Lithuania with a mobile studio. This dynamic setup, which later transitioned to a temporary studio in Palanga and then to the iconic TV tower in Vilnius in 2024, required a robust and flexible audio solution: The TASCAM Sonicview 16.


A Mobile Marvel

PowerHit Radio's mobile studio initiative was a testament to innovation and adaptability. Designed with the help of distributor Midiaudio in Kaunas, Lithuania, the Sonicview 16 became the heart of this mobile broadcast van. Its comprehensive channel processing and flexible configuration were perfectly suited to the diverse needs of field broadcasting.

The extensive features of the Soniciew 16, including live/mic feeds, public address, and dedicated control room sections with talkback and GPIO for red light control, ensured smooth operation. The integration of Dante added another layer of efficiency and versatility that is essential in the fast-paced environment of mobile broadcasting.


Why TASCAM Sonicview 16?

The Sonicview 16 was chosen for its ability to deliver the required functionality in a compact and portable form factor. The console's comprehensive functionality meets the demanding requirements of field applications, making it the ideal choice for PowerHit Radio's OB van.

Customer comment: "The Sonicview 16 offered all the features we needed for our mobile broadcast setup. From channel processing to GPIO control, it handled everything with ease and reliability".


Post-Installation Impressions

The feedback from the PowerHit Radio team has been overwhelmingly positive. The Sonicview 16 has integrated seamlessly into their workflow and proved to be both reliable and versatile.

Customer comment: "The Sonicview 16 has exceeded our expectations in every way. It's easy to use, reliable and versatile – perfect for our mobile studio needs".


Connected Systems

The Sonicview 16 at PowerHit Radio interfaces with a variety of systems to create a comprehensive broadcasting solution. These include:

  • RCS Zeta playout system
  • Broadcast Bionics Caller One telephony system
  • vMix for visual radio
  • Luci for STL (Studio-Transmitter Link)

All these components are connected via Dante, ensuring seamless audio transport and integration.

Connected Systems image

A Practical Mixer for Both Mobile and Fixed Broadcast Applications

A Practical Mixer for Both Mobile and Fixed Broadcast Applications image

With the TASCAM Sonicview 16 at its heart, PowerHit Radio's mobile studio has helped to bring field broadcasting to life in Lithuania. After an extensive tour in 2023 and a temporary installation in Palanga, the Sonicview 16 now resides in the iconic TV Tower in Vilnius where its advanced features and robust performance continue to ensure high-quality broadcasts from this landmark venue.

As PowerHit Radio continues to innovate, the Sonicview 16 remains indispensable, providing the flexibility and quality required for both mobile and fixed environments.

* In the Americas, the Sonicview XP consoles come stock with the IF-MTR32 multitrack recording card. Easily record up to 32 channels directly to an SDXC card and utilize punch-in/punch-out, pre-record, auto-record, and even place markers in key spots. The IF-MTR32 automatically saves files every 60 seconds, making tracking a stress-free affair.


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