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Multitrack recordings for the live DVD of NANIWA EXP

NANIWA EXP live recording

The TASCAM US-16x08 and TASCAM X-48II were used for the multi-track recording of Japan's leading fusion band NANIWA EXP's live DVD titled "NANIWA EXPRESS The Revival of 1,2,3,4,5 people! Multi-Angle Live 2014". The FOH is split directly to 3 US-16x08 units in the mic-pre mode. In addition, an IF-AN24X analog expansion card was inserted into the X-48MII, and the US-16x08 and X-48MKII were connected with three TRS-D-sub multi-cables. SONAR X3 PRODUCER was used for editing, mixing, and some mastering later on.
* The audio on the DVD has been compressed due to the large multi-angle footage.

Equipment used:

  • TASCAM US-16x08
  • TASCAM Professional Software SONAR X3 PRODUCER


NANIWA EXP is a fusion band consisting of Ko Shimizu (bass), Kazuhiko Iwami (guitar), Kenji Nakamura key), Rikiya Higashihara (drums), and Makoto Aoyagi (piano & saxophone). The band burst onto the live scene in the 80s. In 2003, they released their first album in 18 years, "life of music". The overwhelming live performance by their unique characters continues to captivate audiences with the ultimate thrill that is unleashed every second of the show.

Official website http://www.naniwaexp.com/

Production/recording by ALFANOTE Inc. http://alfanote.jp/