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TASCAM Does Podcast and Streaming Too!

TASCAM is known by musicians around the world for its high-quality, high value music gear offerings, but the need for great audio goes far beyond the players! TASCAM is proud to provide professional, affordable solutions to the podcast and streaming market. 

As podcasts and YouTube continue to experience both explosive growth and constant reinvention, TASCAM focuses on creating easy-to-use audio tools that deliver world class sonic results. From super-portable handheld digital recorders and headphones to broadcast quality microphones and USB audio interfaces, TASCAM's 50 years of audio expertise brings intuitive interfaces and high-definition audio to the masses.

The TASCAM  Model 12 Integrated Production Suite gives you ultimate control over your voice with the lowest latency for live streaming and online gaming, plus recording, mixing, and MIDI control. You want to be heard, and with TASCAM your voice will be the best version of you.



    Did you know TASCAM US-HR series audio interfaces can be used for live streaming as well as home recording? Check out this video to learn how to livestream with OBS software and your audio interface to get even more use out of your favorite tool!


    TASCAM occasionally offers promotional pricing on best-selling gear. If you are a fan of TASCAM, it is worth checking out what we're featuring each month... no FOMO!


TASCAM Tech Tips

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