About TEAC Members

TEAC Member is an common account to use TEAC's service.
It is available for any of our brand such as TEAC and TASCAM

TEAC Member is free for anybody to register.

Please notice that this web page is for doing the member registration for "https://www.teac.co.jp/"

Member's advantages



Members can register interesting products in bookmark, and manage the registered products in bookmark list screen.


High-Quality Support by Product Registration

Members will get repair reception and after-sales service promptly.

About mail magazine

It is a mail magazine of deals information or latest information to be delivered regularly or irregularly according to the company's brand you are dealing with such as TEAC or Tascam. Please make sure to register to be able to get a quick delivery of our latest products information or our important announcements via mail magazine.
※By registering to TEAC Member you will be able to subscribe to our mail magazine.
※You can change your subscription status by accessing the "Edit your Information" of MyPage.