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The TASCAM Model 12 is Central to Michael Sandoval's Audio/Livestreaming & Video Production

Los Angeles, CA, USA – June 2022... MUSE TV features the best in film, television, music, lifestyle, tech, and more. Encompassing everything from interviews with celebrities and musicians to special features from the red carpet, blockbuster films, concerts—and that's just for starters—MUSE TV's reach is extensive. Michael Sandoval is the Founder and Executive Producer of MUSE TV. He is involved in all aspects of production and central to everything he and his associates create is the Model 12 mixer/recorder from TASCAM.

After working in professional sports with teams like the Los Angeles Angels, the Dodgers and the LA Galaxy, Sandoval launched his own media outlet, MUSE TV, in 2012. What began in his house as a small website has grown dramatically. Sandoval now has content on YouTube and has expanded to Roku and Amazon—creating TV shows that focus on Music, Entertainment, and Lifestyle that reach 150 million devices around the globe. He discussed his experience with the TASCAM Model 12.

"We began using the Model 12 for our various podcasts," Sandoval explained. "We started with our shows MUSE Live and This Week in Pro Wrestling to bring the best audio possible into our live streaming content, which we also broadcast on YouTube. Just recently, we have started using the Model 12 for our streaming television productions such as the Hey Han with Hannah Fletcher talk show, which is currently available on Roku and Amazon. MUSE TV is also in pre-production with our new live music show. We want to bring our audience a sound experience as if they were right in the middle of the performance. We are using multiple channels on the Model 12 to add Dolby Atmos audio production to all our programming. In short, we are using the amazing features on the Model 12 for everything from audio to video production across all our platforms."

"We began using the Model 12 in May 2021," Sandoval added. "This is our primary mixer. We use it for everything from running mics for our livestream podcast in the Apple m1 MAX to fixing audio captured during our on-field interviews and more. It's a real workhorse. We will also be using this as our main mixer for our live music show Sound & Vision. It is a great mixer and opens up so much in the way of high-quality audio recording that matches with our high-end video production."

When queried about key features that make the Model 12 particularly well-suited for his production, Sandoval offered the following comments. "One of the best features on the Model 12 is the connection to one's computer via USB-C. This has a made a difference in our workflow, especially with our livestream programs and direct editing. The second feature I really like is how portable the Model 12 is. Transporting the mixer to different types of events and numerous locations has been a breeze. The Model 12 has everything you need for capturing and editing a wide range of audio work, including live music."

Sandoval described a recent production challenge that the Model 12 handled smoothly, "We had conducted an interview, but the questions I asked didn't come through clearly and the level was too low. We used the Model 12 to re-record the interview questions and match the level to the responses. The result was such that nobody would ever know the original production had issues because we achieved broadcast quality."

For the production of This Week in Pro Wrestling, Sandoval shared some insight into how the Model 12 helps deliver top notch results. "Using the Clubhouse app, we patch the phone into the Model 12, and this enables us to take live questions and comments during the show. This helps give the show an even closer to radio feel. Further, it helped us grow our audience and get more viewers and listeners."

As is the case with many production tools, questions invariably arise, so capable and responsive support services are crucial. Here too, Sandoval was very complimentary of TASCAM, "TASCAM's customer service and support team has always been top notch," he said. "They are consistently very helpful in answering all my questions and addressing any concerns I might have."

Before redirecting his attention back to the business of the day, Sandoval offered these parting comments regarding his experience with the TASCAM Model 12, "I wouldn't choose any manufacturer other than TASCAM. The Model 12 allows you to do so much—especially compared to competing products in the same price range. For media creatives like myself, this is a tool you must have in your daily work. Even if you are just using it for podcasting, I encourage you to get a mixer you can grow into."

To learn more about MUSE TV, visit www.musetv.net.