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Wizdom/moForte GeoShred Developed Using iXR

 Mountain View, CA—October 2016… Wizdom/moForte’s GeoShred virtual instrument for iPad is both a serious musical instrument and a whole lot of fun. A fusion of development partner Wizdom Music’s Geo Synthesizer user interface and moForte’s stunning modeled guitar and effects chain, GeoShred lets you perform impressive guitar-like parts, as well as things no guitarist could ever play. To test and further develop its groundbreaking app, the moForte team sought a quality audio/MIDI interface with native iOS support. When they discovered the TASCAM® iXR audio/MIDI interface for Mac®, Windows®, and iOS®, their search was over.

“With the blending of Wizdom and moForte technology, we have created one of the most expressive MIDI controllers out there,” asserts moForte’s Denis Labrecque. “The control aspects of what we can do over MIDI are just astounding. At the same time, our physical models are the result of years of research and development, and sound quality is crucial to what we’re delivering. We need to hear exactly what our software is doing. The iXR is pretty spectacular for that  — it sounds great, it has an excellent dynamic range, and it responds very well.”

With two combo mic/line inputs, line and headphone outs, and MIDI I/O, the iXR provides ample connections. The interface also features two of TASCAM’s acclaimed Ultra-HDDA mic preamps with phantom power and supports up to 24-bit, 96 kHz recording and playback, delivering high-end sound quality.

 “The iXR interface was perfect for our use in developing GeoShred,” observes Wizdom Music founder Jordan Rudess. “Its simple but powerful control was a complement to GeoShred’s advanced MIDI implementation.”

“We’re musicians with trained ears, as well as audio DSP engineers” adds moForte Chief Technology Officer and acting CEO Pat Scandalis. “As a guitarist, I enjoy playing GeoShred through the TASCAM iXR for fun as well as for development purposes because our models sound the way they’re supposed to. We’re delighted with the iXR because it sounds clear, clean, and accurate.”

Another consideration for the moForte team was the iXR’s direct native support for iOS devices. “We wanted one interface for MIDI and audio that provided a direct connection between our test iPads and our interfaces, with no Apple Lightning to USB Camera Adapter in between,” Scandalis explains. “It just keeps things simpler. It’s easy to use, and it has been very reliable.”

Of course, since moForte is using the iXR to develop virtual instruments, they don’t utilize the Ultra-HDDA preamps in their work. “True,” agrees Labrecque, “but the preamps are of high quality, and I think many of our customers would love them. One thing I know, though: If a GeoShred user wants to listen and perform with the same sonic quality we hear it in development, they should try it with an iXR.”

The TASCAM iXR works with virtually all audio recording apps for Mac, Windows, and iOS and comes bundled with Cubase LE for Mac and Windows and Cubasis LE for iOS. It’s available now at TASCAM dealers for an MSRP of $259.99 and a street price of $159.99.