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KBS introduces the TASCAM DA-6400 as the main recorder in three broadcasting facilities

KBS Changwon Broadcasting Branch OfficeKBS Changwon Broadcasting Branch Office


Installed products

DA-6400DA-640064 channel Digital Multitrack Recorder/player
IF-MA64/EX6IF-MA64/EX64 channel MADI input/output/thru interface card verified SSD
TSSD-480BTSSD-480BOperation certified and memory drive


KBS (Korean Broadcasting System) introduced the DA-6400 system to enable their Tapeless Full-File Project at three of their broadcasting stations.

Installed offices
KBS Changwon Broadcasting Branch Office
KBS Daegu Broadcasting Branch Office
KBS Gwangju Broadcasting Branch Office

Taking into consideration the excellent durability, reliability and usability of the DA-6400, the system is now operating as the main recorder and is being used for all productions produced in the control room of each of the three broadcasting stations.

The operating system also includes main consoles from STUDER and CALREC, which are connected using the MADI audio interface. DA-6400's capability is proven when recorded material is imported into Pro Tools for editing; the unit's file compatibility offers the option to record individual tracks as monaural files in BWF format, allowing the ability to import files into Pro Tools immediately after recording.
Because of the high track count, improved work flow and capability of the DA-6400, and excellent audio quality, KBS states that they are satisfied with the ease of use and stability of the system.

The Korean entertainment industry keeps on evolving and spreading throughout the world, and we hope the DA-6400 will further fulfill its role as a product that plays a part in this effort.

DA-640064Rack-mounted DA-6400
DA-640064Optical-connected MADI
Daegu Broadcasting Branch OfficeDaegu Broadcasting Branch Office
Gwangju Broadcasting Branch OfficeGwangju Broadcasting Branch Office