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TASCAM Announces Multi-Use Studio-Grade Headphones


TEAC Corporation, Tokyo, Japan - January 2024... TASCAM introduces a new pair of closed-back headphones, combining quality sound with affordability. The TH-11's sensitivity and frequency response are said to ensure balanced sound suitable for many music genres and applications. Providing clear highs, a well-defined mid-range, a robust low end and a competitive price, these headphones address the shortcomings found in many other models.


Because a clean, modern look and comfort are just as important as the sound, the TH-11 features plush cushioned ear cuffs and a padded headband for long hours of comfortable use. The headphones also offer flexibility with 90° rotation on both sides, making them suitable for listening to favorite albums, extended recording sessions, or performances. The folding design allows them to compactly fit wherever they need to go.

Combining quality, comfort and design, the TASCAM TH-11 once again is a product that will appeal to a wide audience.

Product website: https://tascam.jp/int/product/th-11/